Our Journey

Animal Duds is the result of two entrepreneurs sitting in the same room with their dogs and nothing else better to do than come up with a fun business idea involving their fury family members. So we Googled things. Then we tried things in our own apparel production facility in New Jersey, and wouldn’t you know it – Animal Duds was born. We are taking the awesome idea of custom apparel and doing it our way, the best way!
We just love our pets enough to sport socks and tshirts with their face on them and thought others like you might too!
So here’s the great part you’ll really love! We take pride in three things. Family, country and our pets. As a Veteran owned and operated company that produces everything right here in the good ‘ol U.S. of A., we also want to help others in need. Each month we will select a pet-based non-profit organization and create a custom theme and 50% of the profit of the sale of those socks will be donated to that NPO. Each month we will announce which NPO we are partnering with in our e-newsletter and social media, so make sure to subscribe below and follow!
As there are so many great causes out there, we are always open to helping a great cause we can get behind.
A Note From Otis and Meatball,
Okay, so here’s the REAL story our humans won’t tell you:
We, the pets of our owners, have been fed up seeing our humans wear these silly boring socks and t-shirts with stupid sayings and logos on them.  AND HERE WE THOUGHT WE WERE YOUR FAVORITES?!?!
So after much barking, whining, and pawing we protested by chewing to pieces their stupid, boring socks and favorite t-shirts!  We then gave them the bright idea of putting OUR loving, drooling, kissable faces on fun stuff that they wear and use.  Now, they take all the credit for OUR idea!  That’s fine.  We’ll just go chew on their fav pair of shoes!  Coming soon Animal Shoes!  🙂 

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